some design feedback and ideas

photo (6)

Here’s a shot of some notes I’ve accumulated throughout the various reviews of a design problem in which we essentially planned out a neighborhood on a 10-acre greenfield site. Some interesting points:

  • Triangular parks and object buildings are interesting, even whimsical ways to make a certain space more prominent and engage the public with it
  • Moving streets off the grid pattern can slow drivers down (but can it also cause headaches for bikers and walkers?)
  • The rule of thumb for European public spaces is to ensure they’re small enough so you can recognize a face across the dimensions of the space

The plan of the site, below, shows a residential strip to the west with the character of the Fan in RVA, a commercial area to the north, an area of single-family residential homes to the east, and a natural preservation area to the south, as well as a stream running through the site.

Screen Shot 2015-03-31 at 9.08.39 AM

Photos of my design forthcoming!

I chose to make the space a car-free, bike and pedestrian zone with a primary focus on different intensities and uses of park space, from open public park to edible garden to green infrastructure surrounding the stream.


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